Open, inclusive and future oriented Europe needs pervasive, very high speed connectivity for every citizen. Recent trends are showing an alarming intention of the industry to consider European rural areas as less important, deeming any solution is good enough for „those few elder farmers who live there“.

European rural areas are not only agriculture! Half of EU citizens live in rural areas!

This means half of those Europeans who pay taxes and have the right to vote!

We, the people who live in rural areas, demand proper, future-oriented fibre broadband connectivity!

We do not accept any second-choice solution as good-enough, like wireless or similar!

To those who argue that it cannot be done we answer: „If you don‘t know how to do it, this doesn‘t mean it cannot be done. We will do it by ourselves!“.

Fibre to the people!

Please join our initiative by sending a description of who you are and a message of support to our contact.

The following spreadsheet is published under the Creative Commons licence, and you are free to use it for private or business pusposes, giving proper credit to the author. The calculations are meant to be used as a tool to evaluate the most efficient technology choice for giving broadband connectivity to the rural areas. It's part of the presentation that was given by Goran Živec of Vahta d.o.o.(the author) at the Connected Communities Initiative (CCI) meeting in Brussels on 26th of June 2015, please find the ppt presentation on the official page of European Comission (

We will be soon adding a broader description of the tool, with in-depth explanation of the logics of the calculations.
We are not liable by any term for any commercial damage, deriving from it's use.